What is waiting at the end of the journey? Closer to 5 honestly, but I made my rating and I dont like to go back and change ratings unless I reread. and our Lori is in love with Edmund, even though she knows he has tortured and killed many women, with a special fondness for those from the Far East. Jeremy W. Peters . 0. (LogOut/ Triana is some of the best there is for that. Singularly focused on finding the River Man she longs for her sister to be out of her life. I will leave it at that, as the less you know, the better. With his latest release, Gone to See the River Man, Kris carves out an expertly crafted blend of extreme, cosmic, and folk horror. How Lori thinks about Cox evolves throughout the story; she describes herself as fascinated by him and the things he has done, and completely flattered that he chose her to do him a favor over the other women in his life. Danny back in the day was always taking care of young people helping them get on the straight and narrow. Trianas narration and dialogue is well-executed and most definitely what I classify as a page turner. Midnight Widows: issues 1 and 2 available now! Gavin But we know that men like Edmond cant be changed by a woman who is willing to go to Hell and back for them and Lori eventually discovers this, still desperately clinging to her delusion that love has made its way to her after all being out of reach her whole life. Its violent, brutal, frustrating and emotional. On his way to the airport to fly to the U.S. to see his daughter, Gi-hun sees the Salesman (Gong Yoo) running the same slapping and paper-flipping game on a new mark. These dark, introspective moments not only chronicle Loris fall into full-blown obsession, but they also crack her open, slowly exposing long-buried secrets that begin to unravel the mystery behind her journey. Women had one thing that could get them close to a man who made magic, and they used it, even if for just one night., Meanwhile, Edmunds letters to Lori fill in his own backstory, establishing that he too is the product of a twisted family. I hesitate to say any more because I dont want to spoil this book for anyone, but the blending of folk lore and cosmic horror in this story is just phenomenal. This is a major plus, as it genuinely ramps up the tension as the characters head into a place of darkness which does not require blood. By the end, he is a man who has been humbled, making his death somewhat tragic, given his personal development over the course of the film. In her quest, she brings along her handicapped sister, and they journey through the deep, dark valley, beginning their trip upriver. splatterpunk is my current must-reads sub-genre and seeing people rave about Kristopher Trianas Gone to See the River Man (2020) piqued immediate curiosity. {Book Review} The Malan Witch: Catherine Cavendish. If you're a fan of southern gothic horror it's worth a read. Fox News Tonight will replace it on an interim basis. Even her obsession with Edmond comes back to gaining an advantage over another woman. Truthfully, when this book was released, I completely missed it. However as the journey continues, her mind becomes more frantic and the dismay at seeing Edmonds work up close and personal fade; shes laser-focused on her task and begins to see anything slowing her down (Abby, warnings from a local, no way to physically make it up the river) as obstacles that she desperately needs to overcome. It wasnt just a newspaper headline now, not merely stories scrawled on notebook paper in the killers own hand. What do you think are the functions of rivers nowadays. Triana delivered such a stunning character awaiting in that cabin, that each sentence held weight. She brings along her handicapped sister on her quest and on the way their personal demons start to resurface. I loved every second of it, and think you would too. Gone to See the River Man is one of three books by Kristopher Triana to appear on the 2021 Splatterpunk Award ballot (see also Blood Relations and They All Died Screaming) and once again, it is built around the core theme of warped relationships Protagonist Lori forms the trunk of an entire family tree of relationships gone wrong: as the novel unfolds, her crush on a convicted serial killer turns out to be comparatively normal. Gone to See the River Man encapsulates the mindset that would see a crime against humanity as a virtue worthy of swoon. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All he says is that, if Lori follows his directions, she and The River Man shall meet. Lori is a depraved protagonist, but the depths of this depravity only gradually become apparent over the course of the story. Kristopher Triana is an author of horror and crime fiction. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC32B_iUm0Kxy95mcsPfr-QQ, Interview: Casey Tebo and Robert Kurtzman. Theyve been good, but not stuff Id typically read. I've just finished Gone to see the river man, I thought it was really well done though it left me feeling very disgusted with myself. The slow-burn terror of knowing something inescapable is waiting for you around the corner. It wasnt until a few weeks after release date that the amazing Tony Jones suggested it as something Id enjoy in a reply on Facebook or Twitter. Tony previously spent five years writing The Greatest Scrum That Ever Was, a history book very few people bought. River is shaped like a comma. Just as we delve into the psyches of the novels characters, Lori and Abby delve into the realm of The River Man. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Gone to See the River Man. He gives no more information about this personage: no proper name, no address, no explanation as to what he would want with the key. As a horror reader, its not uncommon for books to scare or disturb me. Lori and Abbys fateful journey down the river is intercut with flashbacks to their shared childhood, when things were very different. Gone to See the River Man is mostly written in the third person from Loris point of view, but does occasionally jump to her sister Abby and back and forwards through the two time periods the story is set in. Lori and Abby make it to their destination (though not without some bloodshed) and what waits for them on the other side of this journey draws out the festering evil thats been in Lori since her childhood. Edmund says she must go to his cabin in the woods and retrieve a key to deliver to a mysterious figure known only as The River Man. Op 2 mo. This is inevitable: there is no way that any of the noxious relationships dreamt up by Krisopher Triana could end happily ever after. Her obsession is with Edmund Cox, a man of sadistic cruelty who butchered more than twenty women. Her relationships never seem to flourish, or even come to fruition, due to familial challenges and trauma. (LogOut/ When Edmond asks Lori to run an errand of sorts for him, she embarks on a quest that she believes will bring her and Edmond closer together. Thats what I like to hear. Lori is just such a fanatic. Through a series of short, sharp and sometimes shocking chapters, we start to learn more about the siblings through present time snapshots as well as flashbacks. The suspense the author creates in the work is exceptional. Pete idolises Abby, while Lori envies her attractiveness particularly when Abby enters a romantic relationship with a boy Lori herself desires. I have also done a spotlight post on some of Trianas other titles here. Over the years there have been many actors hes worked with several times and many he considers friends. Shes willing to do anything, even travel into the woods near where Edmund lived, to find the River Man and deliver a key. The book is about a woman who is obsessed with an imprisoned serial killer whom she writes letters. As the novel approaches its conclusion, the characters start dropping like dominos. But shed like to remind you they are: Glenn Rolfe, Hunter Shea and Tim Meyer. At times you will almost certainly be forced to look away and I dont blame you. When young Edmund later got a chance to see more conventional pornography in Playboy, he found the images uninteresting: Theys borin. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. By: Kristopher Triana. Gone to See the River Man. Or is he a manifestation of her mental and moral decline? Nice!! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. What happens in the past has a major part in what shapes the present and how Lori ends up in her current predicament, with both strands complementing each other perfectly. While Gone to See the River Man isnt for the faint of heart, you wont necessarily find the extremity that so often comes with splatterpunk. I noted the cursory trigger warnings for incest and sexual abuse from other reviewers, so do be aware of this. Before plunging her hand into the remains of Edmunds undiscovered victim, Lori is forced to confront the facts of the murders committed by her beau: Lori sobbed in horror. For the last couple months Ive been running a book club in one of my favorite book groups on Facebook, Book Lovers Cafe. In older films actors portraying an amputee would have their leg or arm bent back and strapped to their body. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Main menu. What starts out as a simple errand soon has Lori questioning how far shes willing to push herself for a man shes never met. Despite the strong warning from the resident to stop, that obsessive desire to be better than others, to succeed where others cant completely overtakes Lori. By Kristopher Triana 2021 Splatterpunk Awards Lori an aspiring true crime writer is engaged in correspondence with a convicted serial killer named Edmund Cox. When not writing, reading or reviewing, Janine can be found at home with her husband and daughter, planning their next trip to Walt Disney World and drinking obscene amounts of coffee. Much of Gone to See the River Man takes the shape of a journey and the reader is never too sure of what awaits at the final destination, with the cosmic horror element the author refers to remaining elusive until into the final stages. "Gone to See the River Man" Book Review Written by Tony Jones Published by Cemetery Dance Publications Written by Kristopher Triana 2020, 145 pages, Fiction Released on 12th March 2020 Review: It's incredible to comprehend how such a dark book can be inspired by such a beautiful melancholic folksong. His show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, which ran on the network for over six years, is over. She brings along her handicapped sister on her quest and on the way their personal demons start to resurface. So when Edmund requests a favor, Lori rushes to help, heedless of what she may have to sacrifice in the process. Learn how your comment data is processed. What I didnt like: Not much really. On her quest, she brings along her handicapped sister, and they journey through the deep, dark valley, beginning their trip upriver. YesTrak | Your Answering Service in the Cloud | Phone Call Handling System In both the opening and closing acknowledgements Kristopher Triana thanks the late English singer/songwriter who penned the melody referenced in the title: deep thanks to Nick Drake for his sombre song River Man, which was the launching impetus for this cosmic horror. He quotes this passage, which closes the song: Cult singer Nick Drakes sad and whimsical River Man is a million miles away from the monstrous interpretation which appears in this powerfully written short novel which is so gripping it could be read in one sitting. The man who was the one who forcefully removed the man was now back to the women. Nice decor nice scenic view of river. It is clear that Lori, the main character, is highly damaged. Shes found it, or so she believes, in the incarcerated arms of a notorious serialkiller. This river don't flow like no other, and this land don't have the same rules where y'all come from.". Killers, of all people, made her feel alive. She even visits him in prison, where he makes a peculiar request. In his acknowledgements, Kristopher Triana states that the novel was inspired by Nick Drakes 1969 song River Man. The girl next door gone to see the river man the wasp factory the troop. Hen short for Henrietta is an illustrator and works out of a studio nearby and has found the right meds to control her bipolar disorder. The narrative follows Lori, a 40-year-old woman who is the sole caretaker for her older disabled sister, Abby. She will do anything to get close to him, so when he gives her . The main character is one of the most messed up and complex protagonists I've read in a while. They dont let ya see INSIDE the woman.. The river runs with flesh, the cabin is a vault of horrors, and ghostly blues music echoes through the mountains. Minor really. As the novel opens Lori is writing to an inmate named. She brings along her handicapped sister on her quest and on the way their personal demons start to resurface. OBrien stares at the shoreline of Canada twenty yards ahead of him and wonders what to do. Whilst Lori embarks her quest we also head back into her childhood to when she was around fifteen and the middle of three children. He played the guy at the River Styx. Gone to See the River Man, by Kristopher Triana. Also, as Loris journey gets more dangerous, we begin to see how fractured her soul truly is and why. Lori is just such a fanatic. A descriptive line spoken by Buzz about the river that Lori and Abby were traversing was, "Things are different 'round here. She sees Edmond and herself as kindred spirits, tied together by darkness and evil. Heartsick and rejected Abigail turned to Slug with her tale of woe. It was written and illustrated by Grace Lin and published in 2009. As the novel opens, Lori is writing to an inmate named Edmund Cox, a notorious serial killer. I have just finished Gone to see the river man, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly! The trip quickly becomes a surreal nightmare, one that digs up Loris personal demons, the ones she feels bonds her to Edmund. And Jamie Goeker. He has appeared in anthologies with some of Horrors heaviest hitters. But damn its fucking great. The basic premise is this. Seeing Edmunds cruelty firsthand brought the reality of it home. Lori notices Abbys behavior is becoming stranger, more abrasive than her normal sunny self. william the conqueror gray family,
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